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Recently a company I work for implemented MS ISA Server,  they also implemented the requirement for you to be Authenticated to the domain before you can get to the WEB.

I am using Linux as my desktop and I am unable to get any web browser to authenticate (it does not even prompt me to enter my login/password/domain)  to the ISA Server so I am unable to get to the web from my linux system.

Disabling the Authentication at teh ISA server is NOT an option (I wish it was)



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I don't think that there is any way to access the server from Linux directly, given the way authentication on the web server is currently configured. There are, as I recall, other ways to configure authentication on the web server. But they will require site visitors to authenticate in the classical manner.

If the authentication method can't be changed to one that is platform independent, then the only other way that I can think of is to get a copy of VMware and use windows to "log into the domain" and access the web server via a windows browser.
I'm not familiar with ISA, but I can give you and option and a dream  :)

The option - aside from VMWare, install IE under Wine.  I think getting this to work requires Windows DLLs, but there are reports of success.

The dream -

Hmm... according to comment #50, you can use:



       Your link to the bugzilla website fixed the problem....  at least after I beat the secureity group into submission anyway.


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