Burning MP3 files RANDOMLY to a CD

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After ripping music from my CDS (lots of Christmas CDS) to an MP3 format, I burned all 215 of them to a single CD to play on my DVD player.  Unfortunately, I discovered that my DVD player doesn't support shuffle or random play!   So all the songs always play based on the order in which I ripped them!  (album order)
Any idea how I could "shuffle" randomly on the PC before burning?  I know that the CD will always play in this order, but its better than album after album.  (I would rather not do it manually)

I'm using Nero to burn the CD.

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I beleive if you dump all the files in a single directory and then name them with a number it will play them in the number order you have named.

Its alot of work but it should work...  Example

You can also just dump them all in one directory and they will randomize themselves based on there names but the above gives you some control over the randomization.


Cowboy, you've got a good idea - each MP3 I have is saved in the format "nn.Song Name.mp3", where the nn is the track number from the CD.  In a single directory, these 215 songs will sort with the first song of each album first, then the second song, etc..  I might even be able to try sorting by file size (kind of random).

I was hoping that Nero or some other burning software would be able to run write randomly, OR take in a play/burn list that I would randomly sort.  (my preference would be to get a DVD burner that has a shuffle option, lol)

Can regular CD players read MP3s?  
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Some can it depends on your CD player.  Not all can though and it is somewhat rare but becoming more popular in newer CD players.  They even have version now that can read MP3s in your car.
I would use a MP3/file renamer program to rename all 215 songs rather than do it manually.  just go to google.com and seach for mp3 renamer or something to that sort

I believe Windows Media Player is capable of creating a random playlist and burning it for you.


Only WMP for XP can burn as a data CD.  All other WMP (I have Win2000) can only burn as an Audio CD (not MP3).  I did find the random option with playlists and it would have worked great if WMP supported data burning for my version of windows.  thnx.

I am sure my input is a little late because many of the previous experts have already given the answer that i am about to. The easiest way to randomize your mp3's is to rename then numericaly

1rudolph by so and so
2frosty by mike

the basic idea is instead of having them all by artist wich gets boring fast just mix it up with numbers because windows automaticaly sorts by alphanumerical order.



I'm also giving points to getzjd.


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