Can't manage window parameters from link in .txt file...

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Hi experts...

I created a scrolling textbox that gets data from a mysql database. To do so, I created a php file that formats data in the form "text= some_text_from_mysql_db ".

I managed to include links that open in a pop-up window, using a "<a href= target=new_window> ... </a>.

My problem is that I've not been able manage the parameters related to this new window's parameters.

I've read related questions posted at, but none of them worked so far cause the links are in the .txt file.

All comments are welcome. I'm out of ideas. Thanks.


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You should put the following in your flash movie (sorry that is probably cant be used directly since I do not know your code):

on (release) {
    getURL ("JavaScript:popwin '');");


In the HTML where the above flash movie is embedded into, put the following:
function popwin(url) {,"window","height=440,width=360,left=400,top=20,statusbar=no,scrollbars=yes,locationbar=no,toolbar=no");


Now you can open small or big windows and specify the details.
Note: if the above does not complete fit into your Action/Flashscript, put your currect action script into this question and maybe I can include my suggestion into your script.

Hope it works.

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