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When I send a message only the very first letter of the message is delivered and the rest of the message is not sent.  Other times the message is sent just fine.  

Likewise, when I reply or forward to some messages garbage like this: ⴭⴭ伭楲楧慮敍獳条ⵥⴭⴭ਍牆浯›敲畳敭䁳〲㈰㠠㔺‹䵁਍潔›潣扵敪瑣›敒敦敲据獥਍਍਍ appears in place of the normal reply/forward header.  This happens to only some of the messages that I perform a reply/forward, others place the correct header and seem to have no problems.

I am using Outlook 2000 and my virus software does not detect any viruses on my system or in the emails that are giving me the problem.  

Any thoughts????
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The problem you are experiencing was fixed in SR1 (I believe, but maybe it was WR2).  Go here and install the latest Service Release for Office 2000:
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