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have toshiba 435cdt laptop and have instlled win98. cr-rom drivers that come wiht computer are designed for win95.  intructions to instll cd-rom driver tell me to edit config.sys and autoexec.bat.

how do i access these to add instructions
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you shouldn't needt, these are usually for DOS
but if you must
go to start -->run and type sysedit
this will bring up the autoexec.bat and config.sys and a few others
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you can also access ther autoexec.bat by going to start -->run and type msconfig, go to the autoexec.bat tab and config.sys
or lastly, you can find it in c:\
and open it in notepad, same with config.sys
suggest you back up both before editing

As Steve stated the drivers you are trying to add is for DOS, not for windows. If you do not use DOS then you do not need to add the drivers, leaving them out will not hurt anything, but adding them could.
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you can also do a findfile for these two and open each in notepad where you can make the edits.
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