How to get the files date and time from the server

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Hello, How can i get the files date and time from a server? i try to use this line of codes "pdata.ftCreationTime" but i dont know how to use it. Thank you
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Try this:

Private Declare Function FileTimeToSystemTime Lib "kernel32" ( lpFileTime As FILETIME, lpSystemTime As SYSTEMTIME) As Long

    wYear                   As Integer
    wMonth                  As Integer
    wDayOfWeek              As Integer
    wDay                    As Integer
    wHour                   As Integer
    wMinute                 As Integer
    wSecond                 As Integer
    wMillisecond            As Integer
End Type

msgbox GetSysTime ( pdata.ftCreationTime )

Private Function GetSysTime(ByRef udtTime As FILETIME) As Date

Dim udtSysTime  As SYSTEMTIME
FileTimeToSystemTime udtTime, udtSysTime
With udtSysTime
    GetSysTime = CDate(.wYear & "/" & .wMonth & "/" & .wDay & " " & .wHour & ":" & .wMinute & ":" & .wSecond)
End With
End Function

Hope this helps.
In VB u can get the file date and time as follows

Open a project
Go to Project - References
Add "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" library
and the following code gets u both date and time of creation ( you hv other options like datelastcreated, datelastmodified)

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim f As FileSystemObject
Dim l As File

Set f = New FileSystemObject

Set l = f.GetFile("C:\Temp\sample.txt")
MsgBox l.DateCreated

End Sub

hope this helps
Sorry, in my previous post I forgot too add this declaration:

Private Type FILETIME
   dwLowDateTime As Long
   dwHighDateTime As Long
End Type

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