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I have microsoft office xp installed on windows 2000 professional .My problem is with outlook every time emails are getting duplicated.
Suppose in the morning i get 5 emails after i read i delete and then in the afternoon if i click send and receive button i will get the 5 emails along with new emails and these continues like that.

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Do you have OL checked to leave messages on the server?  Tools-Options-Mail Setup-Send/Receive-Select the account-Edit-Account Properties-Advanced tab.

It sounds like there is a piece of corrupt mail stuck in your mailbox, which is preventing Outlook from sending an acknowledgment to the server to clear the box.   This prevents you from losing your email if the connection to the server breaks.

Normally it is spam mail which causes this type of problem.

Try logging into your mailbox from the ISP's web mail, if that option is provided.  If not, try using one of these sites to access your mailbox.

Delete all email that you have already received.  Then open Outlook and try send/receive again.
You can also call your ISP tech support and have them delete some or all of the messages on the email server..kind of a drastic solution but that is what has to be done sometimes..


thank you.............

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