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I have built a form.. the form call Register.. It is for register the new worker.. in the field include all this.. Name,WorkersID,Address,Male/Female,Qualification,Categori,position and option... In the form has 4 button... It were addbutton, deletebutton, update and search.... So, how should i write the proper source code for this form?
And how to connect to database... I built database named HR.mdb... I want to insert all the information in pekerja table... So, what is the step to connect to this database?
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i want the answer as soon as posible..........
AerneyMariana, welcome to experts exchange!
The experts here are not like a help desk where they are waiting for questions to arrive. It is more like a newsgroup where the experts log in and answer questions when and how we want too. There is no reason or use in requesting a quick answer. If someone is online and can answer your question, he/she will and if not, you just have to wait until someone does.
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Just in case you are new to SQL, here's a few URLs that I use for reference
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I hope you always get your answers quickly,
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Hi AerneyMariana,
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