instant messager and security under Linux/Unix

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Some friends of mine are heavy users of microsoft messager/yahoo messager. they want me to use these tools to join them online...

my questions are:
1) under *nix, what corresponding tools can i use to chat with my friends using microsoft/yahoo messagers?

2) which protocols/ports does a messager use?

3) is there any "secure" messagers available out there? i guess a cracker can spoof and get everything my friends and i chat about if he/she is technically savvy and persistent... so i think a secure messager which encrypts my conversation (just like what putty does) would be great...

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Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

if you want to use a messenger like util, use the Alvaro's Messenger (amsn)

use this link to go for it:

for Yahoo messenger use Gaim:

or a lot more of those messengers can be found here:§ion=projects

Good look and good chat


what about my two other questions?
Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

ok. sorry.
for example, MS Messenger uses all ports it can found that connects to the internet. if you try to stop the use of it, then good look if you're doing nat instead only proxy.
whit proxy, like squid, you can block all microsoft site and that's all.

every different messenger uses it's own protocol, so you need to access their pages or a summary page, like this:

for the third question, well, there are a lot, but none of the big names...
well, they have something, but not free.,10801,74996,00.html

why not do a search in google about secure messengers?
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i'm looking for such an instant messager which has the following features:

1) it can be used to communicate with msn, yahoo messager etc. i don't want different messagers for different friends...

2) it is secure in terms  of encrypting everything

3) it is open source and free of charge

but it seems i just can't find one...



any help?

Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect


What you want it's impossible right now.

the best answer can be Gaim, because of it's usability, but there is nothing to talk about encryption, got it?

if you want encrypted messaging, then you cannot use the most used ones
I use a console based applcation that supports ICQ, MSN and yahoo messengers.
its called centericq.

Here you are


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