What Is Xenix ( oR Xinex)

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Hy Dear Friends.
I want to Learn All About Xenix (History, Setup , Command , & ....)
Where I can Found this Topic ?
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I just wonder why do you want to spend time on learning Xenix. It is an UNIX favour prior to SCO OpenServer system,
and even SCO is dead now !

There are a lot of free modem UNIX system out there for PCs, eg, Linux, Free BDS, Solaris (Intel) etc.

Sounds like fun!

Check "www.caldera.com" or "www.sco.com" (which should take you to the same place) and "www.tarantella.com".  You may have to do some surfing through the sites but you might be able to find some tidbits of historical info.  As for setup and commands, you may have to lay your hands on Xenix Handbook or installation guide.  One could check the online auction web-sites periodically to see if anyone is selling any od Xenix stuff.  Be aware that Xenix will probably not run on most "modern" hardware but if you have some old vintage 386, 486, Pentiums < 166MHz and scsi hard drives <= 1.05GB or ide hard drives <= 540MB you could probably get it to work.  

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Warming if you try to run Xenix on a fast PC (not real fast > 200 MHz) and a Large HD (from my memory, it can't handle anything > 2GB per filesystem, and the root filesystem must be < 540MB !). You will get double kernel panic!

If you still want to learn it, have fun !

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