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Whats the software which movies show for eimage enhancements.

They show that u can watch a mpeg video and in between stop a video ,crop a portion of the video and enhance its quality to get a very clear close up view of the image.

Can you let me know of how this is done.


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are you referring to a police movie type where they find suspect on a video screen, from about half a mile away and they would enlarge that tiny bity little head of his and put it in close-up view?? (*me* takes a deep breath) :-)

if so, then it's all just special effects.

Elmer is right. That's purely hollywood. Its somewhat akin to being able to resize up in Photoshop without quality loss. It cant be done.
You can re-create it tho using photoshop, premiere.. and figure out how you want it to show. but if you have an existing video and want to be able to do that stuff on-a-fly to see someone from afar then it's impossible.



shlezman: if you dont have something to add to the discussion, dont post anything.

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