How do i check for files on UNC or virtual drives

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hi there,

are there any way to do a kind of FileExists on drivers/folders that are not local ?

i need to check for some images before i refer to them inside my asp/html code.

it seems to me that the FileSystemObject is does'nt alow
the FileExists on virtual paths and/or unc.

best regards
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FSO does allow UNC paths, but need to have access permission as the anonymous (or authenticated) user from your web server.


what kind of user do i have when i do this through an asp page from iis.

and how do i change the permissions of the files from the unc path ?
Can set the user in IIS Authentication Methods. By default, user will be IUSR_ComputerName, a local computer account without permissions on the domain. Need to set permissions on the file server to ensure that IUSR has access at both the share and file levels.

Your web administrator should be able to help you with this.

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