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I accidentally moved one of my private folders (eg TEST)to the "inbox" folder thru the Menu-item Action->Folder Options->Move

The top bar that usually shows "user - inbox" then showed "user - TEST", but the left folder navigation bar did not show the TEST folder any more. However, the mails in the TEST folder is still and only available in the "ALL Documents" view.

Any ideas on how to recover the missing (TEST) folder? Thanks.

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Open your mail database by highlighting the database icon, then holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys simultaneously, then double-clicking the database icon. This will open your mail database and show you all the hidden folders and views as well as the regular ones. Then create a folder called "TEMP" or whatever you want. Click the twistie next to the ($Inbox) folder. Note that there will be 2 folders, one labeled Inbox and one labeled ($Inbox), only the one called ($Inbox) will have the twistie next to it. Your TEST folder will be under there. Click it. Temporarily move all your documents (by dragging and dropping them) from this folder to the folder called "TEMP" that you created in the earlier step above. You now have your documents temporarily stored in the TEMP folder.

To delete the erroneous ($Inbox)\TEST folder, you will need Designer access to your mail file. If you do not have Designer access or do not have Domino Designer installed, you will have to ask an administrator to do this for you. Ask them to delete the ($Inbox)\TEST folder from within Domino Designer, then you can simply rename your TEMP folder to TEST and you will be back to where you started out!

Hope this helps.


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