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I have an Outlook (NT) mail account at work with Personal email that I wish to transfer to my Outlook Express (Me) at home.

How to do it?

I have tried exporting to .pst, and importing, but Outlook Express complains that it cannot connect to MAPI client.

How do I get round this? or can I even get round this?
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I woudl suggest trying another export format such as DBase or Foxpro.
On the machine with Outlook installed, go into Outlook Express and click FILE->IMPORT->MESSAGES and walk thru the wizard to import your messages into Outlook Express.

Next click TOOLS->OPTIONS->MAINTENANCE tab->STORE FOLDER.  This is the location where your Outlook Express data files.  Go to this folder and copy all the .dbx files.

Now on your home computer you can either:

1.) replace the existing dbx files with those from your work computer to replace any email at home with that from work

2.) import the messages into Outlook Express using the wizard again, to combine the messages with those already in your home Outlook Express.  If you choose to Import the only tricky thing is you need to choose to import from an Outlook Express "store directory" rather than from an identity in the wizard.

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