Keyboard/mouse freezes at login screen

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After a crash that resulted in a blue screen everytime the computer was booted (as the domain controller was being located), the computer was first scanned for viruses (clear)then the repair disk was used to repair the OS. Still crash. The repair disk was then used to repair the system registry. The computer no longer crashes however the keyboard/mouse is frozen at the login screen, thus I cant login.
The computer has no perihperals attached, or anything installed, even so, I have checked interupts and there are no conflictes . There were no new software packages installed before the crash. Intersteingly the computer in NOT visable on the network, when  at the login screen,even though its a member.
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Go for VGA mode and see if you have mouse/kb access then, if so check the eventvwr for any error messages.

How long have you left it at the login screen it may be waiting for a service to time out before releasing control back to the console.
Its a tough one.. Its normally starting to load the network stack at the time when the login prompt loads. Also as you have said that the machine is not visible on the Lan, its a distinct possibility. You havent moved the Lan adapter into a different slot? NT4S wont boot without a network either. NT Server doesn't like to boot without a Network stack! Have you tried connecting to it over the LAN?
If the problem is with the Keyboard/Mouse it will show up as an i8042 error if you ever get to the event logs...

Dangerous but...
Is it a single drive? If so, you could try sticking the drive in another box as a slave or secondary drive and check the contents of the registry via RegEdt32 this would allow the disabling of any non essential services. A word of warning though, its not easy, (the first time) and is very dangerous in the wrong hands!

Let me know if you need more info.



Thanks for that Xstactix. I need the machine, so in the end I re-installed the OS in a different drive and copied ocver the files i needed. Though interestingly, if I tried to install NT4 as an upgrade, the intallation would go smoothly, but the problem would remain, keyboard/mouse freezing at login screen. The machine is fine with this new installation and I'm now trying to forensicly figure out what went wrong.
Thanks for the attempt.

No problem, I would try loading the old hive into REGEDT32 and compare the service lists.


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