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I want to use some of the graphics in the MS Access 97 toolbar in a project we're doing.  Can anyone point me to what file they're in and prehaps a good program to extract them with.

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There is a program called Icon grabber that might do the work. Just point out the folder where MS Access 97 is installed and try.



I need the dll or whatever file the toolbar graphics are in.  I do not think they are in the Access folder.  I suspect they are in the System folder.  But regardless, I cannot find the right file.  Thanks for the program recommendation, but does anyone know the specific file name???

well point out the windows folder in the program and let it search in subdirs. It will find all icons available. If you know how MS Access 97 icons look like you will be identify it and the program will give you the name of the dll or exe where it resides.
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The icons should be in MSACCESS.EXE.

As far as ripping them (or viewing/converting most image files) goes, I suggest irfanview.


Download and unzip irfanview then File->Open and open msaccess.exe.  You will be given a list of the images that are contained in the file, from there, you can pick the one you want and save it as a separate image.

Hope this helps,



The icons are not in msaccess.exe
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