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Hi all,

I'm developing an high res application on Sony Clie which support high res resolution (I'm debugging on Sony N770C/E device and emulator)

I've no problem to load the high res library, but i can't load the jpeg library, I always get the sysErrLibNotFound error.

Here is the code I use to load the library :

     err = SysLibFind(sonySysLibNameJpegUtil, &jpegUtilLibRefNum);
     if (err)
     { /* If the library is not loaded */
          err = SysLibLoad(sonySysFileTJpegUtilLib, sonySysFileCJpegUtilLib, &jpegUtilLibRefNum);
          if (err)
                        // I always get the sysErrLibNotFound here :(
Do I need to install a Prc with jpeg lib in it? but i couln't find it.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Kribal,

Sadly, not all the Sony devices come with the JPEG library!
And if you don't have it on the device, you can't just install it. Some Sony devices (like the 710C) runs OS 3.5, which might crash if you'll manually install this library on it.

Are you sure your device has this library installed?
You can check it by going to the OS launcher, choosing "Info" from the menu, and choosing the "Version" tab. If you find the JPeg library, you got it, and this means there's an error in the code you wrote. But, the code looks fine, so I think your device don't have it. (Like my Clie 610C).

Good luck!


sorry for beeing so long to answer, but i found a way to handle my problem, and forgot this question :)
I'll accept this answer anyway Offir, thanks.

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