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I am developing an e-commerce site.  This site sits on our webserver in the DMZ.  What is the best way to set the webserver up for security when it needs to access SQL Server tables inside the network.

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Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
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Just set up a similar config last week. Web server in DMZ with SSL enabled to encrypt all data to web users. Setup IPSEC tunnel to the firewall with rules to only allow traffic to/from the SQL server through this tunnel. This way, if any server on the DMZ gets compromized with a trojan sniffer, only encrypted data can be intercepted on the wire.

I agree with Lmoore, but you could also go the SSL route.  MS SQL supports forcing protocol encryption for client connections.  Depending on the type of firewall you are using, it may be easier to pass SSL traffic than to terminate IPSEC.


How would I go about setting up this



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