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I have three PC's on a home LAN(Ethernet), one running XP home, and two running XP Pro. I have just got ADSL, so I connected one of the XP Pro's up as the gateway and set up DHCP so the others could share the connection, the XP home has no problem, but the other XP Pro will not download files, I've checked the settings I think it could be but nothing. I've even tried some proxy software but to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You probably need to set up the Internet connection sharing option in XP pro, and then get the gateways set accordingly.

It could be that the ADSL modem allows up to 2 PC's to conect and no more.

The sharing software will help.


For more info !

I hope this helps !


I've set up the Internet sharing, checked gateway settings, and check the modem; I just added my other laptop on the network. Wierd eh?
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check the built in firewall on your ICS gateway
any other firewalls installed?
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DO you have 2 network cards in the XP doing the sharing ?

ipconfig /all
of the 3 computers here.

Worst case, you might consider buying a $40 4 port router that will haev NAT and a built in firewall. Dlink, Linsys and Netgear all make them.
Chec the weekend ads, $40 after rebates is the usual sale price , and this solution will provide faster connectivity and will not require that the XP gateway computer be turned on !!

 I hope this helps !
1.  Can the XP Pro machine browse the network using a Web browser?

If yes, then it can download files. Skip to #5.

2.  If it can't, bring up a command-line window and try pinging  (

If this works and your browser or some other application doesn't, there is a problem with the winsock component.

3.  If the ping doesn't work, try a "tracert -d"  from the commandline. You should see a line for each router hop along the path to the destination.

If you do, see some router hops, but not all the way to the destination, it means that there is some sort of routing problem (either on your network or on the Internet).

4.  If you don't see any router hops, run "netstat -rn" from the command window and check to see what your default route looks like.

The line that starts with is your default route and tells your machine where to send it's packets destined to the Internet. The gateway field MUST be the IP address of your Win XP machine that is your gateway to the Internet.

5.  If all of the above is OK, then the problem is application specific. You should check and make sure that the XP firewall settings on the Win XP machine that doesn't work are set to allow traffic out to ports 21, 20, 80, etc. Also, it needs to allow packets to get into your PC as well. You might check the log files to see if there are any firewall-related problems.

If it is not a firewall problem, then it maybe a broken application. Patches/updates can sometimes fix these problems.

Hope this helps

Also one more point: make sure your Win XP Pro machine is receiving an IP address via DHCP. The "netstat -rn" command I mentioned previously will show you if the machine is getting a proper address.
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