Export Display Problem on Linux

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I have installed Linuxon my machine but I not able to Export Display of one machine to another.Tried out with Exporting Display and setenv.

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On the machine where you want the display to appear you need to run "xhost" to allow connections from the other machine ie

xhost +<machine name> to allow access from a particular machine

or xhost + to allow access from any machine.

Hope this helps
# csh, tcsh syntax
setenv DISPLAY remotehost:0

# bash, sh and many more syntax:
export DISPLAY


I have tried with xhost +<machine name> and setenv DISPLAY remotehost:0. But problem is still there.
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Use "xhost +" on your local host and "export DISPLAY=localhost:0" an your remote host.

xhost give's access to the X-server of the host, were the command was given. Changing your DISPLAY variable set's the target host, were new windows will open.
please post result of
executed on your local host
and post result of
  echo $DISPLAY
executed on your remote host
and result od
  w|grep ^$user
executed on remote host

Make sure that the X server is listening for TCP connections.  Run 'netstat -na |grep LISTEN' and look for something listening on port 6000.  As root, you can run with the options -nap and look for the X process.  If it is listed, I'm going to guess you have some sort of firewall issue.  If it is not listed, your X server is probably being passed the '-nolisten tcp' argument.  Remove this argument from the configuration file that runs X (if you're using ?dm).  The easiest way to find this is probably an 'rgrep nolisten /etc/X11'
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    export DISPLAY=<remotehost>:0.0
if you are using bash or sh or
    setenv DISPLAY <remotehost>:0.0
if you are using tcsh or csh, as ahoffmann said.
<remotehost> is the name of the machine you want to send the display to. Also make sure you have allowed access to the X server on this machine (xhost +)

Sorry for repeating what others have said, but I've got a strange feeling that there is a small typing mistake somewhere.
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