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I have been creating a presentation using Flash version 5.0.  I have incorporated HTML for some content in the presentation.  I tested out the .swf file on two PCs, one has Windows 98 and the other has Windows 2000.  Everything seems fine and the html text is visible.  When I send this same file to my client, they are not able to see the text on their computer which is a Mac, and all that is visible to them is the following code:


Is there a difference in the way Flash translates HTML code differently in a Windows based and MAC based platform ?  Can anyone help me out on this matter and suggest some solutions?

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Im not sure what has happened, but if you send me the file i will have a look at it and see whats happened, if the same happens then i will write back and say.

send it as an attachment to:

So you sent the .swf to the mac, right? Does the mac have Flash or a Flash player installed in its browser? If it does is it earlier than 5? If the computer has no way of playing a Flash file, you should try publishing the .fla as an .hqx and then it should work fine on a mac.


Yes, I sent it as a .swf file to the Mac and the version of Flash player is 5.0.

If I publish the file as an .hqx extension,  isn't that a projector file?  Why would it make a difference because, if you are not able to see the HTML content(in a Mac) in a .swf file, how is it going to be visible in a .hqx file?  From what I understand,  a .hqx file includes a .swf file in it and there was no problems viewing the file on two different PC's, one with Windows 98 and another with Win2K OS.

Appreciate any comments/suggestions.

how is the text getting into the text field?   is it static?  or dynamic?  if dynamic where is it loaded from?

if dynamic try..
stuff="<P ALIGN=\"RIGHT\">sdfgsdfgsdfgsdfsdfgsdf</P>";

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