How can I determine types of hardware?

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My job involves repairing old PC's whose hard drives/operating systems (Microsoft) have fallen over.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of decent resources/programs that can identify a piece of hardware when they are not Plug and Play? I normally only check the PC vendors websites which sometimes answer the problem and sometimes don't

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it can consume a lot of my time.

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I can think of at least one such program (SiSoft Sandra--see but it runs under Windows, so might not be tremendously useful if you can't boot into the OS! I don't know of any DOS-based equivalents, unfortunately.

my answer: has a fcc id lookup form all electronics sold in the us have a fcc i.d. and it will tell you the year and the compaany that registered said product

Commented: is a good start, but also check out

The username is: all
The password is: drivers

I don't know why they require you to enter a username and password as both are posted on their website.

When you login to Driver Guide, click "Search" and then type in the name of the company (or chipset) of the product you are trying to find.
Then check the "Drivers Found Bulletin" and search for your product.

More often than not you will find a driver for your old device.


Thanks pjknibbs, neqwenya and joshbert. I've awarded the points to pjknibbs because it was closest to the answer I was seeking but thanks alot for the other resources guys. I'm sure the will come in very helpful.



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