VB Package and Deployment Wizard Error 80010108

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I have an annoying problem

My problem is trying to create a package (using VB's Package and Deployment Wizard) when i use Crystal Enterprise's Crystal Report Control (crystl32.ocx).

Heres the error i get with Package and Deployment Wizard:
Unexpected error number 80010108 has occurred: Automation error
The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

i have consulted the help with crystal reports (runtime.hlp) and its has given me a list of dependent files to include when deploying, so i have.

At this stage im banging my head off the four walls here, can anyone help me with this???????????????????


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Incidently i have just found an article on the Crystal Decisions Website saying that there is a know bug when using Crystal ActiveX (OCX) Control and that it crashes the package and deployment wizard as stated above. The solution they gave me didnt work at all
Try using another installer if it crashes the Package and deployment wizard.  

I had this same problem with an application.  It was resolved by updating all of my controls in the project with the latest version from the vendor.  In addition you can find a listing of all installation Automation Errors on the Microsoft Knowledge Base Site at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;186063.  It may help you do a little detective work.

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Just cleaning up my account. The answer from rcontino was not satisfactory and the problem is actually a lot more complex than that. I was using vb6 and the Package and deployment wizard, it not easy solved by updating the controls. Im still working on that problem using Wise install for windows.

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