How many faces are in a polygon?

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3DS max will only allow you to view the number of faces (triangles) in an object, so I was wondering if there was an equation or something to get the number of polygons from the number of faces.
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The polygon counter 3DS has by default should do the trick.

I would select all the faces I am interested in then open the poly counter and it should show you both the total poly count for the entire object and another count for the currently selected. This was the case with 3DS about a year ago. Since then I have done most of my modeling/animating in Maya. I'll open 3DS up and see if I can give you a clearer idea....


Where is the polygon counter located in 3DSmax by chance. I'm not on my pc so i can't open it up and fiddle with it right now :/.
The PC i'm on doesn't have MAX installed so this is from memory......

If you go to the plug-in table on the right of the screen ... I think it's the one with the hammer icon. you should have about 8 or so buttons for certain plug-ins.

It doesn't show up there so there should be an add button or edit buttons choice, click that and you will get a list of all the plug-ins and polygon counter should be one of them..

Sorry I don't have an exact instruction set.
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there is no a polygon yet in a face, since its still a tri-face, but polygon consists of 4 vertices connected to each other.
The polycounter in 3dsmax is not located by defauld...

Go to the utilities tab.. (the one with the hammer)
press the more button and select out of that list the polygon counter. you can always put that polygoncounter in as a defauld button by configure botton sets..
have fun
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