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I have a windows 98 operating systems and when you shut it down, it only boots to the C prompt. I discovered that the msdos.sys file was gone. After copying the file to my computer it booted right up, but the file is somehow deleting itself. I would have to replace this file about three times a week. Do you have an explanation to this problem?
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Files don't just delete themselves.  A couple of likely possibilities come to mind:

1) Hard problem??  RAM or hard drive errors can cause spontaneous loss of files.  Check 'em out.

2) Virus activity.  (I think this is more likely!)  Many virus programs attack the boot files.  If you don't have an up-to-date anti-virus get one and scan.

3) Gremlin activity.  Do you have others with access to your PC?  Perhaps someone is messing with you...

Instead of just copying the missing file, have you considered re-installing the OS? This should probably help since it will re-initialize the registry. You can either:

1) Install the OS over the existing one OR

2) Backup data, format and re-install from scratch.

Try out the solutions in the order mentioned.

I personally would prefer the 2nd solution after which a thorough virus scan should be performed. Where I used to work, these technical problems were solved by a re-install of the OS.

Let me know how it goes.

1. Backup-data
2. Boot into Windows, then re-install windows in win mode.

Some error will be recovery windows to fix it.
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look at your autoexec file and config.sys and make sure that there is not a command that deletes that file after bootup.

use sfc command to solve this problem

set msdos.sys to RO /Read Only/ with Attrib command
c:\>attrib ro msdos.sys
I thinks it's a virus.  If you can, boot the machine from a floppy or CD and scan the HD.  Make a bootbale CD with Norton's Antivirus (or whatever) on it.  Scan the entire HD and I'm sure you will find something.  I'll look into viruses that delete the msdos.sys
Dave PuseyIT Support Specialist

It is... see where it says "Page 29 ...... the ph33r virus* on april 5th, tries to delete io.sys, msdos.sys and ...... "
Dave PuseyIT Support Specialist

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