How to execute a t-sql file from VB6

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Dear All,
I wanna know how to execute a normal t-sql file which we run on the sql query analyzer (*.sql or *.txt) form the VB6 front end...

Please give me solutions
thank you
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Read the contents of the file into a SQL variable and execute it.
Head of Software Services
The following solution works using the SQL-DMO library, add a reference to Microsoft SQL-DMO to your project and away you go. You need to read the contents of the .Sql file into strBatch first. You can also use a specific database by changing the executeimmediate line to : sqlServer.Databases("My Database").ExecuteImmediate.....

Dim sqlServer As SQLDMO.sqlServer
Set sqlServer = New SQLDMO.sqlServer
sqlServer.Connect "MySQLServer"
sqlServer.ExecuteImmediate Replace(strBatch,"GO",vbCRLF & "GO" & vbCRLF), SQLDMOExec_ContinueOnError
Set sqlServer = Nothing

This assumes that strBatch contains the complete text from the .SQL file.
TimCotteeHead of Software Services

This method is the most effective as using ADO and DAO both have their problems when trying to do this sort of thing


Thanx TimCottee it works fine as u said and thanx for all who replied for this question.

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