Add Domain Admins from Trusted Domain to local administrators on Windows 2000 server.

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Scenario: Windows 2000 Server SP3, Windows NT4 Domain.

I'd like to add the Domain Admins group from a trusted NT4 domain into the local Administrators group on one of our Windows 2000 servers. However, although the trusted domain is listed, when I attempt to browse the user list from that domain I get the following error:

"Cannot display objects from this location because of the following error: Logon Failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer."

I can browse the users in my local domain without any problems. The trusted domain also trusts our local domain.
I've noticed that you get the same error on Windows 2000 Professional workstations, but this works perfectly on our other Windows NT 4.0 Servers.

Is this operation possible? Any suggestions to resolve the problem?

Thanks in advance...
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I have ran into this...when you log into the machine locally as administrator, how are you adding them?? you should goto start control panerl, users and passwords, click the second tab then advance...this should bring up an mmc with users and groups...when you try to modify on of the groups or browse the domains, it will ask for a DOMAIN ADMIN user and password...input it and then you should view the users...
Hello rj-smith,
-Use an lmhosts file with #pre #dom:.
-Are you using an administrators-domain admins account you created with matching credentials to assign to trust ?
-Does \\otherdomainserver\c$ work from either side ?
-Copy the nt4 admin tools from the NT4 server Cd to the 2000 server (most run without even actually installing the admin tools from add/remove programs).
-The nt4 tools use netbios and are not dns aware, you might find manage management operations easier because of this..



Thanks Housenet, using the NT4 Admin Tools worked perfectly!

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