Install 2000 Server onto Proliant 2500

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Hello folks, I'm at work and I'm trying to build a new print server. This is what I'm working with:

Compaq Proliant 2500 Server
Dual Pentium Pro 200 MHz processors (ooh ahh, lol)
512 MB RAM
Compaq SMART Array 221 Controller (Rev A, v4.50)
(2) 4.3 GB Wide Ultra SCSI drives configured as a mirror set.

That is the relevant info..

My problem is this: I am able to complete the first portion of 2000 setup. It's when it reboots for the first time that I get an "Error loading operating system" message. I checked fdisk and the drive is marked as active. I went into the server setup and made sure the smart array controller was configured as the first boot device, and it was. I'm pretty sure I need to do the F6 - Load 3rd party driver option in the beginning of setup to avoid this error. The problem is I don't have those drivers. And Compaq isn't making it easy for me to locate them! I did find some 2000 drivers for the SMART Array 221 but it did not include the txtsetup.oem file that setup needs to see.

So does anyone know where I can find the drivers that will accepted in setup?

Thanks in advance...
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This one has it. Its the proliant 32bit scsi driver.

None of the others have it


Thanks!  I see that it does have that file.  Unfortunately I can't use it just yet.  I'm in the middle of an "Assisted Installation" setup by the Compaq SmartStart CD.  

Ok, as I was typing this, the DumbStart, I mean SmartStart install failed.  I will now try a normal install and use the drivers from that link.

Will update you on the progress.

I ran into this on the same model machine and needed the most recent SmartStart CD to make it work.
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Sorry for the triple post.  Everytime I hit refresh, my same comment kept showing up.  Weird.

I'm making good progress now.  I was able to reboot and now I'm in the "setup and detecting components" section.

I tried a number of different things to get it to work and I think the "System Erase Utility" is what finally got it going.  This box was an NT Server previously and I beleive remnants of those settings still existed in the BIOS.

I tried the drivers suggested by imtechnical and those were for:
Compaq Integrated Dual Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI Controller
Compaq Integrated Wide Ultra2 SCSI Controller

Now this box does have an integrated SCSI controller but I'm not using it for the hard drives. The only thing hooked up to it is a DLT drive. I wanted to use the 221 controller because it is better than the integrated one.

Oh and I'm using v5.0 of the SmartStart.

Will keep y'all posted of the progr


Well folks, I got it up and running.  Imtechnical and slang9, thank you for your suggestions.  It's been a long morning/afternoon and I'm happy I was able to get this thing to work!

I'm not sure how to go about closing this thread.  I'm pretty sure I solved the problem by using system erase utility and starting over fresh.  So who gets the 60 points?  Me?

Hello Chizep,
-Probably the best way to close this is to explain exaclty what happened so the PAQ is worth the cost to users of this system..
-The system erase utility wipes out partitions & the Apic mode settings & irq/hardware settings on a Compaq server.
-Changing the Apic Mode for full table for nt/2000 is important for proper server operation. (You were prompter to select an OS ? You are choosing an APIC Mode by doing so).
-The previous array & meta data stored on the controller or hard-disks and possibly partitons (ntfs version) were probably the actual source of windows not starting. SEU clears that as well.
-Many people prefer to configure the server manually.. Here is a good trick to configure advanced Compaq server bios settings like the APIC mode without an assisted installation and 39 SCU partition..
1. Launch smartstart from CD & run SCU.. Hi Ctrl-A after it starts. Choose configure hardware & edit details.. Choose correct OS, or table mode.
2. From CD launch Array config utility & delete/recreate array..


Thanks for the tip Housenet.

To solve this problem, I used the Compaq "System Erase Utility" that comes bundled with the SmartStart CD.  Doing this effectively blew away all settings allowing me to do a true fresh start.  I then selected the "Manual Installation" option in the SmartStart and let it rediscover all its settings.  After doing this, I was able to install 2000 Server (w/ SP3 slipstreamed I forgot to mention) without a hitch.  I did not have to do the "F6 install 3rd party or SCSI drivers" option since the drivers are included on the 2000 CD.
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are there any objections?

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none here...
Question closed and points refunded

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