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I would like to know if it is possible to serialize an object in vb6???  I have looked around and am confused about IPersistStream, IStream, Property bag, etc....

any info would be helpful..
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I am not working with .Net - i am trying to implement this with Visual Basic 6

any clues?
I'm not familiar with serialization.  If you could give more text explaining what it is and what you are trying to do wth it, perhaps I can help.  I did see that you weren't using VB .Net, but I thought perhaps MSXML provided the serialization you wanted.

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If you want other systems to be able to serialize your objects (for example COM+), then you need to implement one of the serializable interfaces, I forget which one. If you want to serialize for your own purposes, then you can do it however you want.

Regardless of whether you implement one of the serializable interfaces, one way to actually perform the serialization is to use the property bag obejct that VB provides. With it you can add class properties to and it will return them all encoded as a string. You can then assign that string to another property bag and extract the properties again. If you don't like property bag, and personally I don't because it encodes the GUID of your class, and won't work if you recompile and change the GUID, then you can use XML as suggested by Kimpan, or you could even roll your own serialization mechanism.


Ah, now I understand,

Her's an article on it (works in VB5 also):
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