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I'm using a Mac G4 with QuickTime Pro iMovie, and I have Final Cut Pro 2 and Sparkle (not very familiar with video editing). I have 15 second mpeg video clips from a Sony digital camera that I need to edit (color/brightness/cropping) that I need to take to the web, cross-platform. .Mov files don't play well for me in Windows environments, and I want to create compressed mpeg files. The edited mpeg files encoded with Sparkle are about 3 times the size of their .Mov counterparts (too Big).

Is there an encoder, plugins, software, yada, that you know of that will help me accomplish my tasks?
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To get the MPEGs smaller you need to make sure youre sticking to an appropriate bitrate, framerate, etc. Theyre probably that much larger than the MOV files because youve got a high bitrate. Youll have to experiment with various bitrates to find the optimal compromise between quality and size.
It may be a little on the expensive side but Cleaner ( is a great app for cross platform content. It has built in wizards to help you compress for Windows Media, Real or Quicktime as well as letting you control all the settings yourself. The Mac app was just bumped up to version 6.

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