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We have a consultant that comes in on a regular basis. She uses a laptop with XP installed on it, which connects to a 2000 Server Domain at her office, Domain1. At our office we have a 2000 Server domain set up, Domain2. When she comes in, she is unable to view files on our network because she cannot log on to our domain, despite having a username/logon. Is there anyway to have the laptop on 2 domains without having to join it to the domain each time she goes from one to the other?
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No, a workstation can be a member of only one domain at a time. She should be able to map drives to your servers, even through her workstation is not a member of your domain. When she tries to access resources on your network, she should be prompted for credentials, at which point she can enter her credentials for your domain. She may have to enter yourdomain\ in front of her username.


I'll check with her, but I don't think it gives her an option to supply credentials. Think she just gets a message saying she does not have permission to access the network resource.
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XP has an alternate address capability for just his purpose.

Search the XP help for this.

Other options are 3rd party.

 With the MultiNetwork Manager (mnm) boot application, you can select a
                       configuration already at boot time. mnm from GlobeSoft is developed to
                       assist users working in "Dynamic Networking Environments".
                       It provides an easy-to-navigate-tabbed dialog window that is used to connect
                       your computer to different networks (e.g. ISPs or LANs) or multihome

                      They may have a demo version. I know that it works well.
                  These are programs that let you switch between networks:

Shareware select-a-net


I hope this helps !
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use diferent user name to joint different domain

Two comments on the Question:
1- We have a policy that no outside computer can be hooked to our network. You seem to open many doors that could turn out to be problems by hooking up non-company computers to your network.
2- Is XP intended to be used by the high end multi-system type user? I was under the impression that 98->ME->XP and
NT->W2K was the path and that XP wanted to take a step up toward W2K - but was not as capable as W2K. I would think a consultant would have a more robust OS.
3- If the consultant then did have a SoA OS, I would be really careful about letting them hook-up to my office network.
Having said all of that, if you had a wireless access point and a PCMCIA card that the consultant/visitor could use, then they should be able to hook up instantly when they arrive - after you set it up with them for the first time.
Hope this helps.
XP Profession is the replacement for W2K Pro

Theres a simple fix for this.

Create a username / password on both domains with the same credentials.

ie domain1\user1   password=password
   domain2\user1   password=password

Make the assumption domain1 is the main domain which is used more often.

When the user comes to domain2 tell them to continue logging in to domain1 as per normal. The computer will detect domain1 is not available and login with cached credentials. These credentials will be used when attempting to make connections to domain2. IE once logged into domain2 with user1 on domain1 you then map a drive it will use the account information which is cached from domain1 and automatically connect to your domain.

This is the easiest solution for the user slightly messy on the administrators behalf but hey thats your job. You must remember to keep the passwords synced or it will fail.

Note: you do not have to be a member of a domain to access domain resources. you simply need a domain username and password which is the same as a domain account.

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