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hi all

I would like to get system information like hdd info, vendor, hardware info especially macaddr.

Is there a command line to extract this and output to file??

Is this command line amse for linux?
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There is no good cmd to view it all except thru
SMC--> sysinfo

But you can do it like this:

ifconfig -a > file  (will give you all interfaces+macs)
prtconf -v >> file ( hw info into the same file)
prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0 >> file  ( diskinfo,partitions)
prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0 >> file ( if there are more disks.

The disk names can be different do an ls /dev/dsk and youll see the names.

There's no single command can give all the system infor you ask for.

For infor about your HD, you can use the "format" command
(must be root), then choose "verify".

For infoemation about memmory, CPU ... etc,

/usr/platform/`uname -m`/sbin/prtdiag


For the macadd:


grep -i ethernet /var/adm/message*


see it at ok prompt, when you reboot the machine.

To find the information about the system use the prtdiag command.

/usr/platform/`uname -m`/sbin/prtdiag > machine_info

The above command will create the file machine_info which you can view in any editor. This command will give u most of the information that you are looking

Then to know the number of disk drives and their partitions use the prtvtoc. It will print the Volume table of contents. Redirect the o/p to a file and you can view in editor.

Hope your quuery is answered. Bye

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So ?


tks  by the way.   In windows, the program to execute a file is base on extensions stored in the registry. eg .jar   will use  ../jre/bin/javax.exe  to run it.

How does Unix find out how to run a program. where is the registry of program applications found??

In UNIX some standard types of files exists.
This is however not based on the name, instead the
type is built into the first 512-byte of the file itself.

In solaris you can see the defined types in /etc/magic.

In a window system, thats where you klick on a data file and the applocation starts and loads the file this is handled in various ways.
In CDE you create "actions" for applications and to actions you can define datatypes, ie. fielextensions like
.fm for Framemaker

Every windowsystem has its own way with a binding app of some sort to define what will happen if you click on a certain file.


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