Can ASP page create an appointment in Microsoft Outlook on local machine?

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I have an ASP page on which the user can check some items from a list which then need to be sent to the user's Outlook calendar as appointments. Can it be done? If yes, how? Does the server need to have Exchange 2000 running on it?
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Three methods;
You don't have to have Exchange on the web server, but you must be able to open the MAPI.Session object (which requires the install of the Exchange client) and the web process must be ran under the context of a user with the permissions to access the required mailbox.  You can then open the Appointment folder:
   Set fld = objSession.getDefaultFolder(olCalendar)
You'll have to find the numeric value of the correct enumeration of the FolderTypes for the Calendar.  
After getting a reference to the calendar folder, you simply add a message and go from there.
    set newAppointment = fld.Messages.Add()

The user's Outlook must be set to auto-accept invitations in this method and we're still required to have the ability to open (at least) a local mapi session for a valid Exchange user (could be a generic account setup to handle the process).
You get a reference to the folder and create a new appointment (as shown above), but then you "invite" the required user to the appointment and call the "Send" method.

The final method requires that the user's browser "trust" the website for security purposes.  In this method, you simply instantiate Outlook on the users machine and do your appointment setting locally.
Dim objOutlook
set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

and so on and so forth...
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