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Does anyone else have MASSIVE problems with netfolders? They completely suck.

Now on to the questions:
1) I've seen where when you setup netfolders, contacts (and calendar items) get sent over and then get sent back to the original computer as duplicates and it starts a cycle that creates many many duplicates of the same item (I've seen up to as many as 15 or so duplicated instances of the same item).

2) I have XP on one computer, and Win98 (1st edition) on another... Outlook2000 corp/wrkgrp on both. For some reason, if I make an empty folder shared, and then start putting contacts in one at a time, it works ok. If I try to make a folder shared that already has 3300 contacts in it, nothing happens. If I add a new contact to the full folder... ONLY the new contact is sent.

I've had it before (with other computers, other OSs) where the netfolders begins sending like 90 emails with a few contacts in it each, and it seems to work.

Any ideas why it's not sending the contacts now?

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Outlook's Net Folders works at a low priority background level, so it's possible that other activity on the computer is preventing updates from beginning.

You can go the the Sharing properties for the folder and click the option to "update now".  Does that do anything?

However, you are correct, they completely suck, and there's no way you should be relying on this functionality in any type of work environment.  That's why it isn't even included anymore in Outlook 2002.

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