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Hello.  We are running Lotus Notes.  How does one enable the web access so users when not at their pc ie on the road can access email through the web?
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The Notes task called "http" must be running. To load this, type "load http" at the server console or add it to the notes.ini as in:


to have it start automatically when Domino starts.

Users will need to fill in a valid InternetPassword in their Person document in the Public NAB in order to gain access to the server via the Web.

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I just saw, I forgot to add this is a Windows 2000 Server.  Will the "load http" still work from a commad prompt?


The load http command needs to be issued at the Domino server console, not at just a regular cmd.exe window. It will work just fine in Windows 2000 Server.

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You need to load and configure http.  To do this properly, and have it restart each time, add


to the tasks= line in your Notes.ini then reboot.

Make sure to review the security settings in your system.  

You'll need to make sure that port 80 is available to your machine via the internet.  If you are behind a firewall or whatever, port 80 must be allowed to get to the machine.  That means, of course, you'd better lock the system down.

Also, you'll need to set an HTTP password in the person document for each user in the public address book.

http won't start in domino, if another web server service is load in windows 2000, so if you're running w2k server, make sure you dissable that service.

user's mail file url will be the server, then the mail file name.  e.g.  (http://server.domain.com/mail/juser.nsf)

You may want to try iNotes Web Access instead of the standard webmail, its very cool.
Besides running HTTP on the Domino server, you will want users to use the "Extended Mail" template, which adds several design elements that add Notes client-like functionality when they access mail via a (supported) browser.  
Users can simply do a "File|Database|Replace Design..." do do this.  Existing documents, folders, etc. should not be affected.  
When using release 6, you will also want to use the "Upgrade folder design" action to give folders the latest look and functionality..whether or not you are using HTTP mail.

For web I would suggest using the iNotes mail template (IE only for now). Much richer and much more userfriendly. Use the servers CONVERT task to update the mailboxes. Users should not be affected when using the notes client.
I'm pretty sure that "iNotes mail template" is another name for the "Extended Mail" template I mentioned.  In the "replace design" dialog, it is referred to as "Extended Mail (R6)" or  "Extended Mail (R5)".  There's no mention of an "iNotes" template.  "iNotes" is generally shorthand for "iNotes Web Access" or "iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook," both of which denote IBM/Lotus offerings that allow access to Notes mail (on a Domino server) via a browser or Outlook client, respectively.

The Extended Mail template and the iNotes mail template is different templates. (Actually the iNotes template uses some of the Extended Mail templates design elements).

The template name is "iNotes Mail & CS", and the filename should be inotes5.ntf or inotes6.ntf

More information on iNotes Web Access here:

The "Extended Mail" template is for "iNotes Access for Outlook"
"Stitt" is quite right, apparently, when an admin is changing mail file templates on a Domino server.  I was referring to an end user doing it on their client PC.  Although the Redbook does specify "iNotes5.ntf" I couldn't find any similar .ntf file in my client install (which is Notes 6).  Maybe it is only available on the server.
I suspect either template would essentially "work" and be better than the standard Notes mail template.
inotes5.ntf is on the server, its not a client based tool.  You MUST run convert at the server to switch over, because things other than design elements that get updated must be changed.

console command:

load convert mail\userfile.nsf * inotes5

This is available on 5.08 and later, prior to that there is no iNotes, as I recall.  5.08 was a VERY huge release.  There was a good deal of consideration given to calling 5.1 but that would have caused other issues (like a count down to end of life for the 5.0x line).

iNotes may also have licensing issues for you, as its a different license, though if you have a client license for Notes, I think it counts.
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