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Has anyone been able to develop a VB 6.0 database (Jet 4.0 / MDB file) application under XP and distribute it to Windows 98 machines?  I can develop in XP/2000/98 and the application runs, but if the application is packaged under XP - you are never prompted to include the MDAC.  This is not the case under 98/2000 - SAME APP NO CHANGES.  The Windows XP compile, if installed to a 98 machine changes something that makes the computer nonbootable on next start.  The same app compiled and packaged under Windows 98 installs without error.  What gives - is VB not able to retro compile?
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I have developed VB6.0/Jet 4 on XP home edition and it runs on all Windows OS's fine.  I am using Service Pack 6
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do not distribute the bootstrap (msvcrt, oleaut, ...) but install vbrun60sp5.exe before your application (;EN-US;235420)
The package and deployment wizard does not retro-build not VB.  The package and deployment wizard takes whatever copies of the DLLs, OCXs, TLBs, etc. you used to build your application right off of machine that you do the packaging/deploying.  Putting those on Win98 will almost certainly cause problems for those components written specifically for WinXP that are not downward compatible for Win98.  On the 3rd screen, you have the opportunity to include whatever you want (including mdac).
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We've found the same as emoreau.  Once we commented those out of the install (Setup.lst) then the install worked fine on Win98 (developed on Win2000.)

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