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Dear all,

I would like to select an Internet Secutiry Suite from Symantec or McaFee.

Any comment on these products is welcome.

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What do you mean by Security? A firewall? is the most recommended software firewall. If you're talking about Anti-Virus programs, I prefer Norton simply because it is a lot easier to use.

You'd best decide what you want first. The answer is to go with the products that you will actually use well. Both vendors do suites, several products in one. Some differences, but if you do not use such feature, it matters little whether one company can do it better than another.

So IMO first figure out who you are, what are needs, capabilities, desires. Go after heart's desire.

I agree with tokerblue. For either firewall or A/V, there are many freebies. Try some, and learn what features you use, and what you still want. I disagree on the Symantec ref., mainly because I think "lot easier to use" is still personal thing. Both companies are majors, so each company's approach will be more easy to some than to others. But if you do not use - it ain't worth it.

For other "features", for me they ain't worth it, for you it may. I suggest dumping things like content filtering, they are too intrusive, problematic, etc etc ad infinitum. Current case in US Supreme Court this week re: Requiring it of libraries - take heed. But in your situation, maybe for a one-shot, one computer family, maybe it is for you.

Again, I raised that issue because the question should include your own personal wants and desires. For example, it might be better to choose between more than just the two companies, neither of whom are considered in top five for personal firewall category. Theirs are more tailored to their suites than to specific functions.
And if at all possible, I'd highly recommend a hardware solution.  Software, in most cases, allows a bit too much user intervention.  With something like ZoneAlarm, users have the option of (everytime software wants to access the internet), saying "Ok."  Well, far too often, users get in the habit of saying "Ok" and not paying attention to *what* is trying to access the internet.

If you're looking for something for a business, I'd stay away from anything that allows users any control over the firewall. . .  otherwise, you might as well not have anything.
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To comment on mntgomery’s comment, you don’t necessarily have to buy a hardware firewall. If your low on cash you can convert a old computer, put in a duel port network card and put BSD on it. Then you can put it between the internal network and the internal network. Just a thought.
Thank you for your time,
I agree with most of the suggestions made previously, but think that you need to pay attention to your setting also.
 If you are in a large enterprise environment, I would suggest a more rubust software suite. For home use, either a hardware solution or small freebie software solution.
 There are many different advantages/disadvantages to each of these solutions which need to be weighed by yourself/organization concerning your needs. Some of these would be, business requirements and cash flow.
Take a good look around at your options concerning security. Symantec makes a nice suite that my organiztion uses in a large enterprise environment, but it expensive, however, it is very secure and relatively easy to use.

As far as either one of these companies being better, I don't think one is better than the other. However I would have to say I have generally been more likely to use Mcaffee especially when it comes to virus scanners, which is the only product I would use from them, Mcaffee seems to be better at letting you update your definitions for the life of the product where as Norton usually requires you to purchase something, or subscribe to something. THey may be doing things differently now. As far as the product performance goes, I think norton is a little better. The norton products I have tested seem to be less resource intensive than the Mcaffee software. Hope this offers a different perspective for you.

What's up? Have you made the choice? Which? If not, please ask more. The few points allocated here make it seem you do not place much importance in the topic.
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