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I am using windows 98, when I startup windows freezes with message saying that it cannot detect a serial mouse ,
so I press return, then ctrl + alt + delete. The end task window appears with no programs showing in it. I then press ctrl/alt/delete a few times and the windows restarts and my mouse is then usable. I have looked in device manager and it all seems OK. Any ideas? I have also checked misconfig and ASD?
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Is it a serial mouse or a PS2 mouse? It is very possible that the connection is loose or dirty. It could also be that the serial connector or controller is going bad, such as a cracked or weak solder joint or a failing component. Sometimes when components are going out, they fail from a cold boot but then work after things warm up a bit. Reseat any cable to the serial port and clean the serial cable contacts with alcohol, let it dry then reseat and try again.
Depending on the PC model you are using you ought to look at BIOS and see if the EPROM/BIOS driver is ticked/on. At worst you could take the "Factory defaults" for the BIOS.
Also... have you tried booting from a W98 recovery disk? If this works then you might have the wrong or bad mouse.drv driver. You could copy these from the disk or reload them from an original W98 CD.
A hardware fault (as above) is also very possible. have you tried another mouse?


I have tried these and they were good suggestions, but have not solved the problem, it could be the internal wiring/socket, i have tried another mouse and problem is still the same.

Thanks for the points.
Is the serial port on the motherboard, or on a card? You could probably add a serial card for $10 or less. If your mouse is pretty old and the extra money doesn't bother you, you might want to consider going for a new optical PS2 mouse.
If you install a new card, you might need to disable the integrated serial port (if its on the motherboard. If you don't seem to get conflicts you probably don't need to.

The installation should be pretty simple, and windoze should auto-detect the new card. The new card may come with drivers, if so, use them vs. the default windoze drivers.

In case you haven't done this sort of thing before, the main things are to ground yourself to the power supply before touching anything else inside the box, and don't touch the contacts on the new card.

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