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Hi experts:

I have a quesiton hidden in my mind for a long time:

1) How could some serch engine page (eg. yahoo and google) make money?
2) how about the icq? how could it make profit?
3) how about some free mail server?

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All of the above services make money from two things:
i) mailing lists
ii) advertising

On a search engine such as Yahoo/Google they have sponsors who pay to be branded on the site. So for instance if you search for telecoms, and a telecoms company wanted to be first on the list they pay to be thee.

ICQ is owned by AOL so they don't need to make money.

Free mail services generate revenue from advertising, as well as selling their mailing lists. Ever filled out a 4 page form to get a free email account? That information is then used to allow specific market campaigns to be aimed at you.

Hope this solves your riddle


I don't get the example you mention on telecom company, do you mean they put those telecom company on the top list of seraching. or you meam they put their advertising on the top?

Also, i got another question too. what make some company information in the top of the searching list. Did they pay for it?


#1     Websites get displayed on the Users monitor, Now they decide what content to put on the users monitor..  SO what they do is they sell some space on the Users monitor to some third party..   Call this branding, advertising, or whatever!

#2     Another option is to create a good web service, and give this to the user for a fee.
these are the conventional ways to earn money, there can be more hidden somewhere in someone's brain!
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>>>>>>    what make some company information in the top of the searching list. Did they pay for it?

yes they sometimes pay for it..

another way is to use good METATAGS!!! (but I think nobody knows how to write good METATAGS!!!)
Also monthly submission is good for positioning.
Thereby you can let a searchrobot come back after some time (for example 1 day, 1 month etc)
If your content is updated you get higher rankings
Also the links from other sites to your site is important. If a lot of sites have a link to your site. The search robots come to your site often.


Search engine makes money with banner impressions /clicks.

But not all search engines makes money this way, most makes money in many other ways as well..

For example,

YAHOO.. They make money through advertisements mainly. Companies normally goes to advertising agency such as (, for advertising, so.. where do get their traffic?

They get it from sites like yahoo..etc.. Huge site.. with good hits(which means mainly US).

Yahoo also earn exclusively.. through something that is called editor review.. YOU have to PAY to get your site listed on! (just for your information)

It is strictly not a search engine.. instead we call it web directory.. since all of its entries are human reviewed (resulting and lesser deadlinks and more quality links)

Another better example is google /, they are bidded listings search engine.. meaning that they earn money the moment someone clicks on the bidded listings..

For google.. you can see it to the right site. and for, you can see the word (sponsored listings)

 if you are interested in starting your first search engine.. get a script from (a good start with low budget)

ICQ make money.. hmm. more or less through banner impressions as well.. mailing list..etc.. Also, when people purchase things from a link via ICQ... ICQ.COM earns commisssion as well :))


Hmm. as for free mail server..

They are basically the same.. logic as ICQ.

Ask yourself.. how many times you check your email each day.. and for that.. If you have 1000 email account with you...

Each user checks one time a day.. each month you generate about 1000 x 30 = 30,000 banner impressions x (the amount of email they have).. so typically..

you generate about (in respect to 1,000 accounts)

In conversion.. old days rates( 4 years back) of about $20 per 1000 banner impressions are no longer possible..

prices drop to about $2per $1000 impressions.. So that is about $600 / month income for a small email company with $1000 accounts..

Well.. of course they generate some income sending your solicited emails.. targeted at your interest.

Hope this helps!


i will talk about yahoo
there is some link like Shopping, Movies , Music,...
they can get money commotions

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