Subform displays last blank row for entry - annoying...

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 Hello experts,
 I have a main Form and a Subform.
 Subform is based on a simple query that brings few rows
 into it. But it also displays a blank row, and if you
 type on it it records into the table, as this subform
 is bound.
 I dragged the boundaries of the subform on the MAin form
 so is to conceal this blank row, but if user presses
 PageDown or other keys - this row appears to view.
 How can I get rid of this row? How can I make my subform
 bring only real row records. The table itself doesnt'
 have any blanks, only that same last row for entry.
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Set the Allow Additions property of the form to false.

I believe mcallarse meant to say set the Allow Additions property of the SUBform to false.
The form that the subform is based on.
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To elaborate, the blank row is automatically placed there by Access for you to enter a NEW RECORD.  If you set the subform's properties to NOT ALLOW ANY NEW RECORDS, the blank line will not be there.  (ie Allow Additions-False).


Thanks, that was right.
mcallarse answer worked for me too - same situation!

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