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Our customer copied his priv.edb file from exchange server to his machine (I don't know why). Next day, his exchange server (5.5) crashed totaly - RAID controler failure erased all logical drives and then he instaled server from scratch. He doesn't have any backup, and he came to me for assistance. All I have is this priv.edb file (about 13G). Is there a way to extract mails from this file?
Once again - priv.edb file is all I have - no AD, no exchange directory or anything else.
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1) Run Exchange Server Setup to install Exchange Server using the original site and organization names.
2) Stop all the Exchange Server services.
3) Delete all files from the Exchsrvr\Mdbdata subdirectory. Copy the Priv.edb you have to Exchsrvr\Mdbdata subdirectory.
4) Start the directory service.
5) From a command prompt, go to the Exchsrvr\Bin directory.
6) Run Isinteg -patch.
7) Start the information store.
8) Start the Exchange Server Administrator program.
9) On the Advanced tab of the Server object properties, start the DS/IS Consistency Checker.
10)Connect to the server with Oulook using an Exchange Admin account. You will need to connect to each mailbox separately and export the contents to PST.


Thanks, It worked. Sorry because I keep you waiting so long for the points.

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