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Hi everyone

I have windows 2000 and IIS running on my machine, now i can browse the internet normally, but some time when i try to click on CNN's web site try to watch a news movie, i get an error message, "can't establish a connection with the server" there is another site which is streaming a radio on their web site, other people can access it but i can't is there any security on my pc that is stoping me from using some sort of ports on my machine, one web site i try to access contains the address something like this, now i can't listen to this streaming radio...
Any ideas please let me know as soon as possible..

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Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
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Are you in an office/school/place/university behind a firewall? Do you have any firewall software running on your pc? BlackIce? ZoneAlarm?

What do you have for proxy setting in IE?

>other people can access it but i can't
Other people in the same office/school/place as you are, or other people in other locations?

Blocking streaming media and any ports other than the standard http port 80 is pretty common in either an office or school. That would explain why you can't get to a different port like 8000
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IIS , depending on how it was set up could be doing this also.

ALso are you using a proxy server, ISA or any local stuff that could be causing this ?

 I hope this helps !
I have this kind of problem. Not with streaming media but with even accessing some sites. I checked everything. In the end I have just assumed that it is a problem with either my routers routing table or my ISPs routing table. Anyway I can get to the sites using a different ISP. I just do that as I am to lazy to take my sniffer and track the packets to see ware they get lost…
Thank you for your time,
Have you a Proxy, is ISS running on the same port 8080, try some RealTime streams they use port 7007 to see if ISS is using 8080, or Download a Tool to Check what ports are open before you try and stream, If you behind a Proxy Then ask the Admin to map you a Port for Streaming, Nearly all ISP's will let you connect to any port, or you dialling into you ISP.

It really sounds like you behind a Firewall/Proxy if you are then only thing to do Ask the Admin's of them to map you a port like 8000 for that web site


Hi everyone

Yes im trying to access it from work, we do have firewall installed at work, (i used to get a message box asking me for the username and password not any more i just get an error message now without asking me for the username or password, i did try useing my password but it didn't work) and no one can listen to the radio streaming i was reffering to, but when i go home and plug my laptop through my own ISP, and im logged as local on the laptop, i still can't listen to it. I still get that error message. I can listen to it from my desktop PC, some of you have asked if my IIS is running on the same port 8000 or 80808... i have no idea how you would check that, is there any way i can check on my laptop (Win2000pro) which ports are blocked and which ports are installed and which port is IIS running on...

An error message that i get when i try to access it from work is    access denied

and i get the same message when i try to access it from home.

Any ideas....


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