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With all due respect to the FrontPage experts on this site, I would like to migrate a site off of FrontPage because of the instabilities FrontPage extensions seem to cause on our server.  

Is there some type of utility that can go through a site and clean out all of the "gunk" that FP puts into the HTML so that we're left with just the HTML code?  Has anyone had any experience in de-FrontPaging a site?

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You can try the HTML Tidy from HTML kit.  You'll want to make sure first that you have deleted all navigation bars, themes, web-bots etc.

HTML Kit can be found here:



kissfp.com addon will do the job.

If the site has relied on themes then of course you will want to redesign... the easiest way is to move each page of content into a duplicate site complete with new template... using template copier will keep all titles and file names overwrite the content and replace the theme/template with your new template... so all you have to do is insert the content .. you can insert by pasting the content into a third party editor which will strip all formatting (and html) .. ie like notepad.. .or do some form of paste special... I remade my site at around 30mbs using this so it can be done though of course it's still all fp... you can use dw and fp together .. I imagine dw has tools that can help strip fp stuff it has html tidy as part of it.. and of course there is one for frontpage.. the template copier can be found at http://www.ltmod.com/products.asp though the tool is part of pagetools application addon.. and can be found cheaper at frontpagetools.com .. both fp addons are to buy of course.

hth Tina

I did.. but it was part of a total redesign so I really didn't take the junk out, more like moved/cleaned up the content.

You'll probably find it easier to just totally redesign it, maybe just keep some of the graphics if they're decent.
How'd you do Robert?
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