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I originally had a problem with a Win2K PC locked out of the Domain due to similar Computer Name on the network. I renamed it (OEMcomputer), deleted the Domain, and added a workgroup (OEMworkgroup, not part of our network), but forgot to add a user or Administrator for the workgroup. Now, I can not log back in; I tried admin and every user name and password, without success. Short of reimaging the drive, your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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I think you are saying you simply do not know the local administrator password correct ?
Download this free password reset utility..

I would have logged on as Domain Admin and then reset the local admin password. Here is the best advice I can give....Buy ERD 2002.it is the best investment you will ever make. The locksmith utility included with the program will allow you to boot into any win 2K system and reset any password on the machine.
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cbonakdar said: "but forgot to add a user or Administrator for the workgroup"

I think I'd pull the drive, put it in another machine and copy the files to play safe.

Then I'd try to install over the existing installation and if that didn't work, I'd fdisk and do a fresh install.


Did you try administrator with a blank password or the administrator and password combination that you previously logged on with?
To workaround this problem:

1. Connect to the problem computer with a Net use x: \\ProblemComputerName\C$ /u:Administrator

2. Navigate to the %SystemRoot%\Security\Database folder.

3. Rename Secedit.sdb to Secedit.old_sdb.

4. Copy an operational Secedit.sdb from a Windows 2000 platform of the same edition (Server to Server or Professional to Professional).

5. Shutdown and restart the problem computer.

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