Iterating through dir of JPG file displaying each in turn

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I have a program that records up to 10 JPG files per second to a directory, the files are sequentially named by date, time and millisecond, i.e.:

pic 17 24 55 23.jpg
pic 17 24 55 53.jpg
pic 17 24 56 27.jpg
basically I have an ActiveX control with a SetImage method to display these JPG images, i.e.:

myActiveXControl.Setimage("c:\test\pic 17 24 55 23.jpg")

My question is I need a routine that would iterate through the files in the directory displaying each file in turn, it would need to have 2 cmd buttons, Start (which would start cycling through the files one by one sequentially), and Stop (which presumably would stop cycling, make a note of the current file to start from when the start button is pressed).

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