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I have a custom form that (is supposed to) perform as follows.

All builtin menu/toolbars are removed so user must use my custom commmandbuttons

User fills out various fields in the form
User attaches a document to the form(If they don't, they are prompted to do so)
User uses a command button to submit the form and it creates a new email message concatenating text and including the values in the fields. Sends the email with hardcoded cc recipients.

Here is my problem.  I cannot get the document from the form into the newly created email.  The reason that we are creating a new message is that the form may have to be sent outside our company and we don't want any 'macro' warnings to appear on the recipient side.  The form will be published to the Organizational Library inhouse.

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I think the only thing you can do is save the attachment to a temp directory and then attach it to the next message.  (or better yet in your custom form solution, save the URI references to a combo box and then reiterate the box to attach the item(s) to the new/hidden message.  This way you don't have data traveling twice to the server.)

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