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I upgraded to HP PrecisionScan Pro 3.1 via download.  Now when I start my G4, the computer locks up when it gets to the desktop.  When I disabled the HP extensions:  TWAIN 1.7 and HP ScanJet Manager, then my machine works fine.  Those two lock up my machine.

If I use the installer and re-install the HP software and do not restart the computer, then I can scan.  But a restart kills my machine.

Any suggestions as to how to do this so things work how they are supposed to?

I have a G4, 576 mb, OS 9.2.2, and a USB HP ScanJet 5300.

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Sounds like you have an extension conflict. Try disabling 3rd party extensions via the extensions manager.
In lou of actually solving the conflicts problem, i.e. perhaps HP's MAC software just sucks (just like mircrotek) there is a very nice scanning utility called VUESCAN that is free and can handle many types of scanners. Their website says they support the 5300c. Check it out at http://www.hamrick.com/

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