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I have created an iframe wysiwyg editor and it works great as long as the information entered isn't so long that scrollers appear.  When it is I can save the information.  If I start deleting information it will get to a point and can be saved.  Any insight as to what is wrong will be geatley appreciated.  Oh and one final thing how do I set the default font for the iframe, its defaulting to times new roman I would like it to be Helvetica again in insight would be greatley appreciated I am new to using iframes so be gentle.
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Im not sure what your editor is, but Im giving it a shot.

Create default for your iframe would be to just use CSS for the body of your text in your iframe page.

<style type="text/css">
body {font-family: helvetica}

Properly place that in the section of your head tag, and have the information between your body tags, and it will be fine.

Although it is somewhat unclear to me what you want to be done about the scrolling and saving portion of your iframe. Could you further explain your goal?



I am building the editor myself from the ground up.  My problem is when a user types in a message that exceeds the size of the editors window or close to it I can't submit the form.  I click on my save button and nothing happens.  If I start deleting text eventually it will save.  I am trying to figure out why.

i have no idea what your real issue - post some code if you can that recreates the problem without being 10000 lines long ...

but, check this first ... there could be limits to what you can send via forms ... especially if you use method='GET'.

if you're not already, be sure to use POST !

<form method='POST' ...> ...

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    Let's try this.  take a simple form, add a textarea to it type away till your hearts content.  I usually type a line of text and then copy and paste until I fill it up maybe 500 chars or so...  Then hit submit and it will take.  I then add an iframe turn designmode on and I now have on online wysiwyg editor.  Now if I type in a few lines of text everything submits ok.  However if I type in a line and do a copy and paste and lets say add 500 chars or so and hit submit I get nothing.  The screen just sits there. If I start deleting lines of text after I deleted a considerable amount it will take.  So I read somewhere that there is a limit of 255 chars for a textarea.  but I don't find that to be the case when I am using a basic form, but when add on iframe and turn on designmode nothing.  I know it isn't the iframe becuase I set up an alert box to see if any data was being passed and it was, of course the alert box is huge but it had the content there and when I hit ok to close it I get nothing, almost like submit refused to work.  Sorry no code I am not at that machine now.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Oh by the way, thanks post was my first choice.  I am pretty familiar with forms and coding using php, but not iframes, fancy javascript or creating a wysiwyg editor for ie.  Thanks again
Thanks for the help, I did some research and found out I should have been using the post method instead of the get method... Problem solved.
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