What the heck is     "yEnc"  ?

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I've been trying to download graphic files off of newsgroups and keep running across extensions that read like this.  yEnc bobcr11.jpg"  Can anyone tell me what this is and if I need to d/l some type of special viewer or something to see these files?

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dont know
The only extension there is .jpg which is just a jpeg file. Itll open in any graphics program and all browsers.
Try opening the file in Photoshop - File "Open As" and try JPG. if that extention dont work try others in the "Open As".

yEnc is a form of security (although a huge pain in the rear) You can get a decoder program at www.yenc.com

There are plug-ins for some email programs but not for Outlook...

Good luck.

Ok here's the idea I lifted from another site:

"The main premise behind yEnc is lower overhead for encoded binaries. The usual methods of encoding a binary for Usenet transmission, uuencode and base64, both result in more than a 33% increase in file size after encoding. yEnc, on the other hand, results in only a tiny overhead, meaning the posts are smaller."

...you may or may not need to download a decoder program at http://www.yenc.com ... the newsreader Microplanet Gravity has a patch/upgrade for it to support Yenc.

Check with the software publisher of your newsreader to see if you can download an upgrade/patch for it.

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