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I issued the command mv public public2
In DOS if I do ren public public2 or in windows right click on the folder and select rename the process happens almost instantly even if the folder is large.

The mv command, I verified this with the v switch, seems to actually move every file. Very slow.

I never noticed this before because I never tested a large directory before. Am I understanding this correctly? Is their a fast way?
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OK I just figured out what I did.
/home/public is a device. It is a seperate hard drive.
So when I did a mv to /home/public2 I was actually moving to another hard drive so of course it was going to take forever.

Now I'm really in trouble.
I deleted /home/public2

Now I did something so /home/public will not mount
It drops to a prompt
I did fsck /home/public and it says the superblock is bad

I Don't mind zaping the /home/public drive I have the data but how do I boot so I can do what?

try using fsck -r /dev/whatever (interactive)
this will make anattempt at fixing your system

or fsck -a


What my Linux guy did was just format the drive as I had the data already saved.
It seems to be much faster now also.
I wonder about that because ext2 is not supposed to need de-fragging

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